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Way back in October or November, I planted these bulbs. They looked so dead and dreary and it led me to muse about how trusting we are when buying and planting these brown dead-looking things. There have been years when entire packets have utterly failed to bloom. OK - I'm not the worlds best gardener!

But I plant them doggedly because when they do spring to life, they yield so much joy and colour.

It got me to wondering about some of the seeds of ideas that we plant in the lives of others. We are asked opinions, advice is sought, or sometimes we are just watched from afar. It is our choice whether to be authentic and vulnerable, our real selves or whether we offer mere platitudes or reflections of what the other wants to hear, in order to be liked or be pleasing.

Sometimes these ideas or offerings of true self, lie dormant for years before springing to life. But in offering our vulnerability, we also offer the other the opportunity to use our thoughts in whatever way they deem works for them. But we plant them nonetheless - because we love these people and care enough to be vulnerable to rejection. It is only in being our true selves and not reflections of others that our true beauty and offerings to others can shine through.

Happy Spring. And may you always offer your true self.

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