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Why Counselling

Choosing to undertake counselling can be daunting but is a brave step towards changing the parts of your life that are no longer serving you well. Together we can examine what holds you back and explore options for moving towards more wholehearted living.

I will not give advice, be judgemental or attempt to 'fix' you. I will give you the space to examine your life or struggles from a fresh perspective, allowing room to see how you might proceed or understand things differently.


We can meet for a no-obligation discussion so that you can decide whether you'd be happy to work with me, and we can gauge whether I am indeed the right person to best serve your needs.

There are no right or wrong issues in therapy - there is nothing too big or too small that we can't explore together. Sometimes the first session helps you to discover whether a problem is indeed a problem!


Most people need about six sessions to begin with. Thereafter we review to discuss whether further counselling is needed or wanted.

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